The government does not own you. You own yourself. You are the best arbiter of your money. You know best how to use your property. You are the only one who should control what you do or do not put in your body, or what you exchange your labor for.


The government has no right to you. You have rights, not granted to you by a magical piece of paper, but that exist because you exist. No one has permission to interfere with those rights, so long as you do not harm another's person or property.


You have the right to say what you want.


You have the right to own whatever weapons you want and to use them to defend yourself, your family, and your property.


You have the right to keep everything you earn.

The government has no right to take any portion of your earnings. They definitely have no right to coerce your employer into taking a portion of your earnings and give it to them.


Libertarians are the ONLY people who want you to have ALL of your rights ALL the time.

Democrats and Republicans continue to divide us and keep us fighting amongst ourselves. The reality is that they are more alike than they are different. They distract us with their empty rhetoric, pretending to care when all they really care about is lording over us commoners.


These Republicrats are one in the same, two wings of the same bird. They purposefully keep us off their ballots. They refuse to let us into their debates. It's time for us to unite around the common goal of liberty and justice for all and drive out these self-proclaimed rulers.


We need honest, liberty-minded people to represent us. This is why I have decided to run as Libertarian Party of Alabama's candidate for Alabama Senate for the 19th District. Together we will fight back against the establishment and Dare Defend Our Rights.